Friday, December 28, 2012

NHPC & GSPL: Long Term View

NHPC : Yearly Profile Chart

NHPC has been in a very good run-up after making triple bottom around 17.15-17.30 level and now trading above its yearly VAH around 25.16. A close above this level for the year could trigger more upside towards 29.70 and the virgin POC at 32.22 level for the the year 2013, a cool return of 25% on investment.

GSPL : Yearly Profile Chart

Another Long Term Perspective

GSPL need to close above 80.70 for long term bullishness to return to this chart. A close above 80.70 on a weekly basis will propel this stock towards long term resistance around 94.80 and above that its a free run towards the virgin POC of 102.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

RELINFRA - High Beta High Return Stock


A stock which has a habit of giving good return in a very short span of time, just need to enter at the opportune moment to take advantage of the same.

Monthly Value Areas: VAH-489, POC-475, VAL-460

Based on the above chart pattern, any close above 490 could trigger an 80% towards 516 and 542 within a short span of 10-15 days. The Stop Loss for the same comes around 478 on hourly closing basis.
(Disclaimer: This stock is not for the weak hearted)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

AdaniEnt : Breakout Stock

Monthly Value Areas : VAH-208.85, POC-198.80, VAL-168.50

AdaniEnt has moved above Monthly Value Area High with huge volume and closed above it. Now staying above 209, the first target comes to around 225 and then towards the HVN at 261.

The SL for this setup comes around 198 on closing basis.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

JPAssociat : Are we in for Long Term Bull Run?

Yearly Profile Values : VAH-100.50, POC-84.60, VAL-68.65

Staying above 84.60, JPAssociat will enter into long term Bull Run with immediate target of 100 and above that at 123.

Stop Loss for this setup comes to around 77 on Daily closing basis.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ster : A break-out Trade

Monthly Value Areas : VAH-107.42, POC-103.58, VAL-99.74

Ster has broken out of Monthly VAH at 107.42 with good volume and looks like could move up holding VAH.

Based on the above a long could be created at CMP 110.95, with SL just below 107.40 (on an hourly closing basis) for a target of 113.70, and 118.60.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Mahindra & Mahindra : 80% rule can kick in above 698.40

Monthly Value Areas : VAH-736.20, POC-717.30, VAL-698.40

M&M after a good run-up from 621 - 739 corrected exactly 50% around 675 and is on the verge of moving up if closes above 698.40.

Looking at the chart pattern, a 80% rule can kick in above 698.40 for a target of 717 and 736. Positional SL for the above comes just below 686 on an hourly closing basis.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

PunjLloyd: A short term bet

Monthly Value Areas: VAH - 58.74, POC - 54.58, VAL - 50.41

Looking at the chart pattern and Volume, PunjLloyd seems to have made a bottom around 46.60 level and has reversed to enter values areas and can do a 80% till 58.74 if VAL at 50.41 is not breached.

Accumulate PunjLlyod at CMP of 51.95 and below till 50.50 with a SL at 50.40 on hourly closing basis for a target of 54.55 and 58.70 within the next 2 weeks.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ranbaxy : A Good Bet for a month

Ranbaxy : A Good Bet for a month

Monthly Value Areas : VAH - 501.15, POC - 492.15, VAL - 483.15

Looking at the profile chart posted below, Ranbaxy seems to have broken out of the 3 month consolidation range and is above all monthly values which itself is Bullish.

Investors can buy the stock at CMP above 501.50 for Target of 520, and 540, with SL just below 492 (Hourly Closing Basis)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

IDFC : Short Term Reversal

After a huge up-move which started on 07th May 2012 from the lows of 110.35, culminated at the highs of 142.70, a huge gain of about 30% in less than 44 session. From the highs it has corrected approx 50% Fibo level at 126.90 and taken a U-Turn.

Coming back to Profile, it has closed above Monthly VAL at 133.10 and could target higer levels at POC and VAH in the coming days.

The Monthly Value Areas are; VAH - 142.45, POC - 137.80, VAL at 133.10

Based on the above information a swing long can be tried at CMP of 134.55, with Stoploss at 133 (on closing basis) for Targets of 137.80, 142.45

Thursday, July 26, 2012

YesBank : Correction Over

YesBank : Correction Over, Start of New Up-Move

YesBank corrected exactly 38.2% of the move from 294 to 364.25 at 337.30 and looks like a start of a new up-move. Looking at the profile chart, it has closed above the monthly VAH at 342. The stock can easily move up to 359 and to the HVN at 368.90 in the coming days. For this setup to be good, YesBank should not close below 337 on closing basis. Traders can initiate buy at CMP of 345.65, for Target of 359, 368 keeping a SL of 337.

Monthly Value Area : 342, 333, 324

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gold & Silver : An Update

GoldM Outlook for the Week :

Value Areas : VAH-29295, POC-29246, VAL-29197

Based on the GOLDM Weekly Profile chart, the VAL of last and this week has been protected till now. Gold for the week closed just around VAH at 29285, where we see the highest concentration of Volume.

Based on the above a long can be created at 29295, with SL just below 29180 (on hourly closing basis) for Target of 29545 and above.

SilverM Outlook for the Week :

Value Areas : VAH-52903, POC-52727, VAL-52551

Based on the SILVERM Weekly Profile chart, it consolidated within the previous week's range with 2 dips coming around the Previous weeks VAL being bought into. SilverM for the week closed just below VAH at 52888.

Based on the above a long can be created at 52905, with SL just below 52725 (on hourly closing basis) for Target of 53177, 53308.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TataSteel : Bounce or Start of New Up-Move

TataSteel : Bounce or Start of New Up-Move

TataSteel after a huge run-up dropped 10% from the highs of 455.60 to the lows of 404.30. Today it went up and entered Monthly Values area at 405.10. Risky Traders can buy at CMP of 411, for Target of 424, 430.

Monthly Value Area : 426.40, 415.80, 405.10

Stop Loss for this setup comes just below 404 on hourly closing basis.

HDFC - A Swing Trade

A Long Trade possibility on HDFC which after a consolidation of 2 months in a range of 630-660 has broken out. Staying above 683, it can target 690, 704 in 2-3 days time.

Stop Loss for this setup comes at 677 on hourly closing basis.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Godrej Industries : Waiting for a BIG MOVE

Godrej Industries (GODREJIND), a stock which has bucked the trend from June last week, has entered positive territory on 12th July with huge up-move with volume.

The stock is above all its monthly values (VAH - 244.70, POC - 231.30, VAL - 221.10). Staying above Developing POC at 242.90, it can target 263 and 275 in the next couple of Weeks. A swing trader can buy the stock at CMP with Stop Loss just below 242 on closing basis for a move of approx 10%.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

ABAN : A fresh perspective

Aban has been the talk of the town for its sterling performance in the last one month with a huge move of 25+%. Lets take a closer look at what in store in it for the near future.

Aban is right now staying above its Developing values for the month, but has tried twice to scale the HVN at 433 (for HVN please check-out the following link : A move above 433 will open gates for initial target of 449 and above that the next HVN at 478. For all this to happen Aban should not close below 421.