Sunday, July 15, 2012

Godrej Industries : Waiting for a BIG MOVE

Godrej Industries (GODREJIND), a stock which has bucked the trend from June last week, has entered positive territory on 12th July with huge up-move with volume.

The stock is above all its monthly values (VAH - 244.70, POC - 231.30, VAL - 221.10). Staying above Developing POC at 242.90, it can target 263 and 275 in the next couple of Weeks. A swing trader can buy the stock at CMP with Stop Loss just below 242 on closing basis for a move of approx 10%.


  1. Hello sir,

    Can you please explain, what does VAH, POC and VAL mean ?? I am new to this site ...

    1. @SunnylovesNifty,

      Check out : for more info on the above...

  2. @Sanjay ji,

    Congrats for your new venture..and yes good luck to you...
    Definately it will add on my list, as nowadays i am focussed on stocks more than nifty...

  3. GodrejInd has done very well, making a high of 260.40, a intra gain of more than 3.5%.

  4. First target of 263 done..., High made 264.50