Friday, December 28, 2012

NHPC & GSPL: Long Term View

NHPC : Yearly Profile Chart

NHPC has been in a very good run-up after making triple bottom around 17.15-17.30 level and now trading above its yearly VAH around 25.16. A close above this level for the year could trigger more upside towards 29.70 and the virgin POC at 32.22 level for the the year 2013, a cool return of 25% on investment.

GSPL : Yearly Profile Chart

Another Long Term Perspective

GSPL need to close above 80.70 for long term bullishness to return to this chart. A close above 80.70 on a weekly basis will propel this stock towards long term resistance around 94.80 and above that its a free run towards the virgin POC of 102.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

RELINFRA - High Beta High Return Stock


A stock which has a habit of giving good return in a very short span of time, just need to enter at the opportune moment to take advantage of the same.

Monthly Value Areas: VAH-489, POC-475, VAL-460

Based on the above chart pattern, any close above 490 could trigger an 80% towards 516 and 542 within a short span of 10-15 days. The Stop Loss for the same comes around 478 on hourly closing basis.
(Disclaimer: This stock is not for the weak hearted)