Tuesday, July 31, 2012

IDFC : Short Term Reversal

After a huge up-move which started on 07th May 2012 from the lows of 110.35, culminated at the highs of 142.70, a huge gain of about 30% in less than 44 session. From the highs it has corrected approx 50% Fibo level at 126.90 and taken a U-Turn.

Coming back to Profile, it has closed above Monthly VAL at 133.10 and could target higer levels at POC and VAH in the coming days.

The Monthly Value Areas are; VAH - 142.45, POC - 137.80, VAL at 133.10

Based on the above information a swing long can be tried at CMP of 134.55, with Stoploss at 133 (on closing basis) for Targets of 137.80, 142.45

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  1. hello sir.

    can please tell me how to trade vah,poc,val?

    and what these numbers?

    how to calculate it?(if its not a secret)