Saturday, August 4, 2012

PunjLloyd: A short term bet

Monthly Value Areas: VAH - 58.74, POC - 54.58, VAL - 50.41

Looking at the chart pattern and Volume, PunjLloyd seems to have made a bottom around 46.60 level and has reversed to enter values areas and can do a 80% till 58.74 if VAL at 50.41 is not breached.

Accumulate PunjLlyod at CMP of 51.95 and below till 50.50 with a SL at 50.40 on hourly closing basis for a target of 54.55 and 58.70 within the next 2 weeks.


  1. PunjLloyd made a high of 54.15, just a paise from my first Target...

  2. Re-entered the trade again above 50.50, SL on hourly closing basis at 50.40 again